Our Services

Panoramic Elevators

Transparency and light effects enliven and enrich the aesthetics of the building. The journey of people in this elevator becomes quite interesting with its appearance outside.

Platform Elevators

The doors open automatically at the call. A simple press on the car button close the doors and operate the lift without the user having to keep the button press down. Ideal solution for private residences or public buildings of various kinds (shops, schools, etc.)

Hydraulic Elevators

Ideal for: Apartment blocks and any other premises where the frequency of use, number of stops and speed are limited. Affordable costs: At constant load rate and stops, costs are lower than others solutions. Optimization of spaces: The controller unit can be placed in position independent from the shaft. This advantage is accentuated in the version without machine room as the elements necessary for the operation are enclosed in a very compact cabinet.

Electric Elevators

Ideal for very high buildings, also tallos one, subject to intense traffic (Hospitals, business offices, hotels, etc.). The high mechanical efficiency and the perfect balance eliminates the risk of vibrations. High speed: Thanks to its characteristics the lift can reach speeds of 2 m/s and beyond.